A Finger in Every Pie

I was much alarmed the other day to discover that I had not heard of every form of crochet. Nevertheless I speedily amended this and took a dip into the pie of Finger Crochet. It was Hopeful Honey’s latest post that introduced it to me so I tried out her beautiful cowl pattern. This is the result.

I rather like it. I made it using Stylecraft Life Super Chunky in denim mix – a lovely, not to mention versatile, colour (that doesn’t show up well on the photo). Because you use two strands at once and that your fingers make a larger-than-average hook, it grows rapidly despite the main stitch being a slip stitch. I love the texture it creates and it’s so beautifully warm – this may be boosted by the bit of wool in the yarn! It is necessary to have 2 fingers in the loop otherwise it’s virtually impossible to get the yarn through it when you come round to that stitch later.

However, there is one slight problem – I can’t actually get it over my head! This is due to the tension which is really difficult to regulate, despite me being ever so careful about using 2 fingers and not pulling it tight. I will have to unravel it all and make it with a few extra stitches to make sure that it is the right size 😦

Finger Crochet itself is relatively simple and fairly fiddly. It would probably be a good thing for a beginner or even non-crocheter to do since no manipulation (love that word!) of a hook is needed, though you do need relatively strong fingers to withstand the pulling. Nevertheless, it’s great, and would be so handy to do on a plane trip to reduce the risk to your precious hooks!

Overall, I’m glad that I tried it, despite the fact that it didn’t quite come out as expected.

Eleanor x


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