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Winter Crochet

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has so far showed an interest in this tiny portion of the internet. I’m surprised how many there are! Thank you 🙂

I’m joining Jennifer of Thistle Bear’s  Winter Project Link Party, which is a group of bloggers that will share their lengthier projects that they are up to this winter. Do pop over there to check it out, and her beautiful blog too!

Now to my projects.

Well, last time I posted about my jumper. That’s come on extremely well and I’ve now completed the back and most of the front. I’ll post an update on that soon!

But all that focus on the jumper has led to my blanket being neglected and I’m afraid there has been very little progress since I last wrote about it. So I’m assigning it to be my main winter project and hopefully this group will help me keep going at it!


Sorry the about the photo quality!  Phones will never beat cameras 🙂

Have a nice week!

Eleanor x


5 thoughts on “Winter Crochet

  1. Those are lovely little squares of colour. I expect you’ll need quite a few to make a blanket, definitely a long term winter project. I’m joining in with Jennifer’s link party too, it should keep us all motivated with our makes.


  2. Hi Eleanor, thank you so much for joining my link party! I’m so happy to have you. Your project looks lovely; I really like solid granny squares and the white edging makes them very distinctive. I’m really looking forward to seeing your progress. 🙂


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