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The Sleeve of Pain

Hello everyone!

I’ve rather neglected you all of late, but here we are.

I may be able to blame this sleeve of my jumper…


It took me a week to do! I know, a sleeve! But I do often find that sleeves and me don’t mix very well. Does anyone else have that issue?

First off I didn’t read the pattern properly, despite me checking it for this particular thing several times! I did eventually spot it when I was nearly at the required height. So I had to undo it all back to the beginning of the dark purple bit. Grr! I also highlighted that particular part of the pattern so I wouldn’t miss it if I made this jumper again.


I’d got about halfway up when I realised I was one stitch short.  And I’d missed that stitch on the first row. So back I went again.

This time I managed to do it right and I have a good sleeve now.

Then I started the next sleeve. Guess what! I’d done the wrong number of stitches on one row. Thankfully I’d only just got onto the second row of the darker purple. After that, it was a breeze and in only one hour I’d got as far as it took me nearly a week to get on the other one!!!


So just this sleeve to finish then I’ll be able to sew it up and wear it! I hope to get it done by Saturday. Let’s hope nothing else becomes like that sleeve!

Eleanor x

Edit at 14:00: I now have to take back all of that sleeve because I didn’t do enough rows of the light pink!! Ahhh!!!


2 thoughts on “The Sleeve of Pain

  1. Oh dear, I feel your pain. There’s nothing more soul destroying than having to pull back something you’ve crocheted or knitted. But it it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly. 🙂 Think how pleased you’ll be when you wear it.


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