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Hello again (after a long absence)!

I’m so sorry I’ve been rather neglectful lately! Things have been rather busy and I haven’t had the time to type out a few lines to you all. But I’m here now so I will give you some updates.

My granny squares are multiplying rapidly. I have been working on them in a more dedicated fashion recently and have set aside certain times when I will do them.  I’m hoping this discipline will help me progress faster.


Oh, and Adjustment No.1: I’ve renamed this blanket to the Granny Pieces Blanket – it’s original name, 2015 Blanket, really can’t apply any more because only half of it was made in said year. And I like the name better; don’t you?

My green jumper is also progressing nicely. I’m now on the second sleeve, about a third of the way up. I don’t seem to be encountering the sleeve issue that I had with my purple jumper but this may be because I am keeping a close record of which row I am on (note the notebook in the top right of the picture!) as there is a section of the pattern which you repeat 3 times and some of the rows in the section are increase rows.


I don’t really think there’s an adjustment in this part as such save for the corrections of minor mistakes when I temporarily forgot which number row I was on.

But now for the big Adjustment.

Those of you who read my blog as it were on the blog rather than in your email or in your Reader will have noticed that I have been making a few changes to the looks of things, though I’ve ultimately returned to the original ‘theme’. As you can see, I’ve added down the side my Instagram account and my Goodreads ‘Currently Reading’ shelf. If you want a more regular update of what I’m doing, do check out my Instagram because I do post there more regularly!

I hope you all have a good (rest of the) week and a restful weekend!

Eleanor x


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