I want to make a Temperature Blanket!

I can hear you already!

“It’s an absolutely crazy idea. You’ve already got one long-term blanket project to complete. Why do you need to make another now??”

I just do. The prospect of being able to go home each day and do another row, watching it grow gives me a sense of peace and relaxation (random, I know).

“But wouldn’t you like to start it next year on January 1st instead of some random place in the middle of February?”

Yes, it grates on me! But conveniently, in our house we keep a record of the maximum and minimum temperatures each day so I have the record since January.

And besides, next January is way too far away! I know this blanket will be a stress reliever.

“You could just make a square each day and finish your Granny Pieces blanket that way. It might speed up production.”




The above is literally the daily hourly argument I have had with myself every day for the past week.

You know when you see something on Instagram or Pinterest or on another blog or somewhere else like that and you become immediately inspired and feel an overpowering desire to make that too? Well, that’s the feeling I have. Anyone else out there sympathise with me?

I’ve been watching @olivesandpickles‘ progress on her Temperature Blanket for a little while and it is her who has inspired me to do it.

Can someone please offer me advice? Should I do it or should I not?


Well, I hope you all have a good week. I’ll update you soon on what I decide!

Eleanor x


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