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Winter Project Link Party: March

Welcome back!

I decided, to keep myself motivated, that I will begin to sew up my squares.


I’m not sure I’m doing that ‘properly’! What I’m doing is running stitch in the back loops between Row 1 and Row 2. I’ll do that between each row all the way down and then the same for the columns. Let me know any tips you have up your sleeve!

The reason I haven’t been so dedicated is because of these:


These are Huggie Bunnies from Sandra’s lovely blog Cherry Heart and I’m making them for a friend to sell for Macmillan. Hopefully once I’ve got these done (I’m aiming to make at least 12) I’ll be able to focus more on Granny Pieces, but for now with Easter looming just around the corner (Eek!! Chocolate coming soon!!) these cuties are my priority.

Hope you all have a fabulous week! Winter has suddenly arrived on us just when we were expecting Spring – it seems they’ve swapped this year!

Eleanor x

P.S.: Don’t forget to check out how everyone else is getting on in the Link-Up


4 thoughts on “Winter Project Link Party: March

  1. Hi Eleanor, thank you for linking up. Your squares look great. I think I would sew them up the same way you’re doing. It’s a tedious job at times, but I think they turn out nicely sewn together.


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