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A New Project and a Gift




May I introduce Laced Cream – or the half that is currently made! This is a raglan, top-down cardigan which I started last week which I plan on wearing for a birthday event later in the year to go with a lovely burgundy dress I have. Of course I’m going to wear it at other times as well!

I am so enjoying this project. I made the cardigan last year in a navy blue colour of the same yarn type and adored it. I knew this would be the very thing to go with my dress. Would you like me to tell you what it is I like about it? Well, the yarn (so squishy and soft and yummy!!), the moss stitch (looks great like always), the simple stylish look of the lace, the easiness of making it, the raglan sleeve, that it’s top-down… Yeah. The list is endless!

Full details can be found on the Ravelry page.

Have a great weekend! I’m going to be doing more of my cardigan and browsing through this which a friend kindly gave me yesterday.

Eleanor x


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