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Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having some lovely weather wherever you are. We certainly are where I am in the UK. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get to 25 degrees-C!! And we had snow about 2 weeks ago!! It’s absolutely crazy!

Anyway, I wanted to let you all see the progress on my Laced Cream cardigan. I’ve finished the body and have only just moved onto the sleeves.


Here you can see the body without sleeves.

Have I ever mentioned before how much I love this project? Well, I’ll tell you again: I’m seriously in love with it.
First of all, it’s top-down which is every crocheter’s dream design feature (okay, maybe that’s a bit of a sweeping generalisation,  but I can’t think why anyone would prefer to sew it all together, especially the sleeves!).
Secondly, the raglan sleeve design which is always a winner, being flattering and interesting whilst being a classic design at the same time.
Thirdly, the moss stitch. I love moss stitch. Need I say more?
Fourthly, the lacy shell stitch. So very simple and beautiful and makes a pretty contrast to the moss stitch.
Fifthly, the yarn, which is Rico Baby Classic DK in Ecru. It’s my favourite yarn of the moment having the benefits of being fairly inexpensive yet quality, squishy and soft.
Sixthly the edging. But I haven’t got to that bit yet so I’ll leave you with that to look forward to. (How do I know it’s going to be amazing? I made this cardigan last year using a different shade from the same yarn type.)

Well, I won’t bore you further! But seriously, it is such a great pattern. I can see some more being made in the future…

Check out the Ravelry page for further project details.

‘Til next time!

Eleanor x

P.S. In case you IG-ers have wondered where I’ve gone, I have deleted my Instagram account permanently.


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