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Naming, Ranting and Joking

Hmmm quite a mixture of emotions is this post!

Shall we go in order, then?

I’ve decided on the name for my lacy top which I introduced a few weeks back:

The stitch pattern reminds me of the Aztecs – perhaps it’s the colour or maybe the squares and geometrical look – but that’s what sprung to my mind, anyway! So at first I had thought of names like Aztec Shore but I felt it was waaaayyy too poetical and pretentious for this simple tee.

Then one day I thought ‘why not give it a “proper” name?’ Maya suggested itself immediately and seems to suit. What do you think?

Oh no, here we go!

My main rant is about patterns published in magazines. I’ve experienced several issues in the making of Maya (which I’ve popped in the Notes of her Ravelry page), as has my mum who’s been attempting another pattern from the same magazine issue. For her it’s worse because literally none of the pattern makes sense or fits together! We’ve looked at it hundreds of times and tried to make sense of it but all in vain. It’s an absolute nightmare!!

It seems to me at the moment that some patterns in magazines don’t get edited or checked so I’m feeling like now only buying individual patterns and hopefully they’ll be more accurate. Do you ever get this problem? I hope it’s not only me!

My other more minor rant is about Pinterest and the adverts. I’m always getting these ads on some random sun tan lotion or something completely unrelated to my interests. Why, Pinterest, why?????

I just want to share my favourite Penguin bar joke:

Who is a penguin’s favourite relative?

See if you can get it right! I’ll pop the answer a fair way below.

Penguin bars, if you didn’t already know, are made of two chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate icing stuff, coated in chocolate. Basically a Bourbon coated in chocolate. They have under the flap on the wrapping a really cheesy joke which is hilarious when you’re really little but after a few years of hearing the same ones over and over again, you get a bit bored of them.

Have you got the answer yet?


Aunt Arctica

I know. Side-splitting isn’t it? But it is the best one of the collection I know. Compare it with:

Q: What’s a penguin’s favourite movie?
A: Frozen!

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week! Thank you for bearing with me! 🙂

I’ll leave you with a shot of one of Maya’s sleeves.


Eleanor x


One thought on “Naming, Ranting and Joking

  1. Love that joke! It may be old but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it – and I’m in my forties! Patterns that don’t work out in mags are frustrating. I had a problem with one from a magazine and ended up buying the revised pattern from Ravelry and it still didn’t work out! But I think magazines do check patterns, and they print errata in subsequent publications. It just goes to show how difficult good pattern-writing can be!

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