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Trying Out Steam Blocking


Just look at her! Isn’t the stitch pattern beautiful? (Ignore the incredibly old and un-beautiful towel beneath!) I credit the steam blocking that I tried out using the lovely Jayda‘s YouTube tutorial. I’ve never done it before and I was nervous because I was scared the yarn might melt – though it’s pure cotton so there was really no need to worry.

It does take a little time to do it because you have to pin it all out to the exact measurements before you can hover the iron over it slowly. My tip for the pinning out bit is to go down all one side evenly, pinning in a straight line into the ironing board so that they stay, and then measure across from each pin the desired length and put a pin on the other side.

Steam blocking really does work wonders! Maya has improved so much. The stitch pattern has opened out and she drapes so much more easily and is softer and less stiff (you know how cotton can be).

Now I’m off to sew her together and then add the simple borders. And I’m starting to feel a bit of itchiness to work on Granny Pieces again…

Hope you all have a good week!

Eleanor x

P.S. For some more Mayan inspiration, check out the Piano Guys… and Steve’s cello called Maya!


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