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Yes I know, not even a year in and already I have diverged away!

I learnt to knit ‘at my mother’s knee’ when I was really little but never really loved it. However, a few weeks ago, I had a burning desire to take it up again. So I decided I was going to make something other than a useless sampler and ordered some beautiful Wendy Supreme Chunky in Ivy and got to work on a simple jumper pattern my mum had around.


I also located the Ladybird Knitting book in my house and used that to help me start up. Such good books as Ladybird are – helpful, clear and simple, beautifully presented.

One issue I had was having the yarn on the right side of the needle for knitting and purling when doing the ribbing but here my lovely mum came to the rescue and sorted me out. After that, it was a breeze and I started to enjoy myself.20160609_102948.jpg

Unfortunately, in the past weeks I have had to suppress my crafty side, it being exam season, and now my exams are out of the way I’ve had a hard time to get motivated to craft again. It’s a most irritating feeling! But it should come back soon and with renewed vigour I shall pick up the hook and needles again. Having this blog and the pleasure of writing a post each week will play a role very probably!

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the beautiful summer weather – though not the sunburnt, peeling skin which is very unappealing (ha!).

Have a lovely week, friends!

Eleanor x


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