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Trooping the Colour

Last weekend, I went with some friends to see Trooping the Colour! It was such an amazing day, especially for massive royal fans like me, although I got up at some unearthly hour to attend (which meant that when we arrived, no public toilets were open – but we eventually found a Pret a Manger which was).

We had to wait about 4 hours before it all actually started but it was worth it!

Hover over the images to read the captions.

Kate looked AMAZING!
Here comes the Queen…
In VERY bright green!

This was the point I noticed I had a fingerprint smudge on the camera lens! But a bit too late… They’d all gone to the parade.



I loved this. The chief person (don’t know the rank – anyone enlighten me?) came round and personally checked they were all okay and fed them sweets/mints if they were feeling a bit bad 🙂

But then they all returned…

The new colour that’s just been trooped
Our beautiful Queen
Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty and Happy 95th Birthday Your Royal Highness!
Precision and Perfection
Some important dignitaries
The police parade

And then we had to wait AGES – much longer than the other time I went – to be let out onto the Mall. But we got let out eventually…

Quick look at the media!

It was an absolutely fantastic day! Although the weather was overcast, the sun came out occasionally and the rain held off for about half an hour afterwards.

But can we just talk about the green? It was literally highlighter green. I must admit, it looked better on the balcony than at close quarters – quite effective actually – but it is VERY bright!

Kate’s hat design was new, but it and her hair – her whole outfit to be honest – was simply stunning!

Beatrice wore a hat that I like but perhaps not on her. It’s very striking and can remind one of orange peel but still, I love the burnt orange colour! Eugenie looked very nice and was less daring and modern than some of her other outfits. Sophie looked splendid as did Lady Louise who wore a very pretty dress in a lovely shade of blue that really becomes her. I loved that they were all together in a family group – it was really nice to see and not the usual procedure (normally Louise and James only appear on the balcony).

Thanks for bearing with this post and with the phone camera pictures (if you even got this far!) 🙂

Hope you are all having a great week!

Eleanor x

P.S. For more details on the hats, visit




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