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Scattered Flowers



You may remember when a while back I was talking about my Laced Cream cardigan that I mentioned it was for a birthday celebration (in case you were wondering about the cardigan’s progress, I still need to make another sleeve and do the edging). Anyway, I thought, as it is a big celebration, I would decorate the table with some crochet flowers – just scatter them on for a nice effect.

So for the past week, that is what I have been doing! I think I’ve made about 30 individual flowers using some scrap cotton yarn I had lying around, as well as some leaves. Some is DMC Petra,  some is Scheepjes Catona and some is Drops (can’t remember the type exactly but it’s an Aran weight).20160712_094553

I have used a variety of patterns from magazines and books I have to add interest. My favourite is bottom right in the above picture.


Which one is your favourite?

Have a great week everyone!

Eleanor x


8 thoughts on “Scattered Flowers

  1. Such a lovely decor idea ! 🙂 And after the party’s over, you could design something really cute from these. I have two favourites: the ecru star-flower & the three-coloured poppy ~ 🌺 🌼

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