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Summer Makes

The celebrations went very well and my flowers were great as decorations (not that I have any bias or anything!). The only issue was that there was a slight breeze but thankfully none moved very far!

My job now is to sew some together and create a mat as a momento for the birthday girl. My idea is to lay them out and arrange them and then sew tips of petals together. If you have any tips or a better idea, please share!

In other news, I am making this cardigan by Fran Morgan:


It involves a pattern of just 6 rows of a simple pattern involving trebles (US dc) and chains and works up so quickly! I’ve now got to sew it up (I took that photo a few days ago) and find some buttons – that’s a difficult job! Do you ever try to find buttons but none quite seem to suit? It’s so frustrating!

Well, that’s it from me for now. I intend to take a short summer break from blogging until September so I hope you have a beautiful summer (or winter)!

Eleanor x


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