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#SpicierLifeCAL – Week 1

Hello from Cambridge!

I have survived Freshers Week – and Freshers Flu – and here we are on the other side commencing the second Cambridge week (weeks start on Thursdays in Cambridge for some unknown reason – maybe someone wanted two weekends?!).

As you might have guessed from the title, I am joining in with Sandra from Cherry Heart’s Spicier Life CAL which she is doing with Black Sheep Wools. I had a little difficulty in picking the colourway I wanted to use at first – it was either Jaipur or Taj Mahal. Eventually I went for the Stylecraft Jaipur colourway because the colours were brighter and I loved the pink border. I’ve never made something as busy and with so many colours as this, some of which I would never have chosen before, for example Tomato. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the way it all comes together and looks amazing.

IMG_0810 (2)

I had a bit of trouble with the tension at first as it came up too small with the 4mm hook that the pattern recommends, so I tried the 4.5mm and it seems to be doing the job well. Due to the different stitch patterns, the sections don’t always come out the same width-wise as you can see from the above photo, but I’m hoping this doesn’t matter in the end when I do the border and when/if I block it.


The pattern is really well-written with pictures if you need them as well as useful little tips.

I haven’t ever participated in a CAL before and I am enjoying the experience so far. I makes the process of making a blanket less overwhelming and the multitude of different stitches and techniques as well as the vast amount of colour makes it a very fun and exciting thing. It also makes sure I can’t do too much in a week when I ought to be studying, so I make sure I pace myself! 😉


I’m also joining in once again with Jennifer’s Winter Project Link Party.


Have a good week!

Eleanor xx



6 thoughts on “#SpicierLifeCAL – Week 1

  1. Hi Eleanor, I’ve been sick too, so I’m late to comment on your post. Thanks for joining in. This CAL looks like a lot of fun, what a nice blanket design. Yours is looking great so far!

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  2. I am late to read the link up posts, no excuses really, just busy. I like your colour choices and the tomato goes well with the collection (if the red is indeed the tomato). I have a crochet blanket on the go, must dig it out!

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